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Dear Genners,

I am posting this for a friend Emanuel Goldstein, who does not have access to
the Internet. This family settled in the New York area. I will see that
they receive any responses to this query.

PGF-Menachem Mendel SPERLING - Strusov, Austria Hungary. He was killed by
Cossacks during world war 1(1914)or during the Russian Revolution(1917)
PGM-Yenta GOLDSTEIN - Romania
FATHER-Louis(Leibish)SPERLING - Strusov, Austria Hungary
MOTHER -Bessie FUCHS-DARAKOV/DARKOV. When Louis and Bessie applied for
passports they were told that his parents marriage was not valid because they
were not married by the Austria-Hungary government or the church, so the
officials told Louis his name was to be Leibish Goldstein F(amily) Sperling,
they went to Belgium along with Bessie's family, then to Liverpool where they
boarded the SS Sedric, and on to Ellis Island where Emanuel was born on
MGF-Meyer FUCHS -Austria-Hungary, then Poland. He had 3 sisters. All came to
the US.
MGM- Chaya BREIR/BREYER - ?. She had 3 sisters, first names unknown, who all
came to US. One sister married a man by the last name of Kerner, and the
other by the name of Ross.

This is all the information known at this time, anyone having any information
that will help our search back to Menachem Mendel and Bessie Fuchs will be
very much appreciated.

Sincerely Bobbi Cohen for Emanuel Goldstein
San Diego, CA

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