Bydgoszczy/Bromberg 1929 address and business directory #germany

Logan J. Kleinwaks

A 1929 address and business directory for the city of Bydgoszczy/Bromberg is
available online >from the Kujawsko-Pomorska Digital Library at This is in addition to the
1923 address directory I posted about yesterday. This directory is easily
manually searchable, as it contains a section alphabetized by business type,
beginning on image 64, a section alphabetized by street name, beginning on image
161, and a section alphabetized by surname/given name, beginning on image 380.

To view the directory, follow the above link and click on "Content" on the
left, under "Publication." Either the directory will open or you will be
prompted to download a DjVu plugin for your web browser. If you have
already installed the plugin, click on "Browse publication" to open the
directory. When the directory is open, you can use the pull-down menu near
the top to select the image you want to view. You can download the plugin
from Best regards,
Logan Kleinwaks kleinwaks@... near Washington, D.C.

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