Clarification: INTRO - researching STERN, ROSENDAHL, PLAUT - also WERTHEIM #germany

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I'd like to clarify information >from my previous intro note (copied
In fact, the towns I referred to as "Frankfort," and "Wehrda," were
not sufficiently specified. Frankfurt is, in fact, Frankfurt a.M.

Wehrda is, to the best of my knowledge, the town in Hesse Cassel
near Fulda. Death certificates filed in Hartford, CT, variously
refer to family members as coming >from Hesse Cassel or Wehrda and use
these names interchangeably.

Thanks for the many replies I received which I am just now getting to
answering. I'll also take this moment to add the family name
WERTHEIM to my list of interests. again, multiple intermarriages of
STERNs, PLAUTs, and WERTHEIMs are involved, and I'm interested in
learning what connections exist between branches of each of these
families. Of special interest is Solomon WERTHEIM who married Adelia
STERN and settled (for reasons perhaps someone here can explain) in
Belle Plain, Iowa. Adelia was the daughter of my G Grandmother's
brother, Jacob STERN. Solomon was the son of my GG grandmother's
sister, Biena STERN WERTHEIM.

Ted Roth Washington Depot, CT <>

Hello GerSig,
I just joined the group.
I have a special interest in the community of German Jews who settled
in Hartford, CT. My GGG Grandfather Solomon STERN came >from Wehrda
and died in Hartford in 1860. Four of his sons also emigrated and
were leaders in the Jewish community there, and my research includes
major corrections to the published records concerning this family.
My G Grandmother, Julia STERN, married Charles ROSENDAHL (later
ROSENTHAL) who came >from Frankfort. He served in the Civil War and
was First Selectman of Hartford when he died in 1902. His father,
Henry ROSENDAHL also came to the US and settled in NYC, but I know
almost nothing about him and have found few records. Numerous family
members intermarried with PLAUTs also >from Wehrda.
I'm also interested in connections between the German Jewish
community in Hartford and in Newark, NJ.
Within the next year or two I hope to make a journey to Wehrda and Frankfort
and am interested in any advice regarding research as I plan this trip.
Emery Roth Washington Depot, CT

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