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What could be more reliable than a SS-5 form, filled out in the
hand of the person himself?

Not necessarily.

A JewishGenner (who has not given permission to use his name)
ran across a Viennese marriage record for a Pickholz and was
kind enough to pass it on to me. It was for a person whom we
already know >from his SS-5 and are in touch with his son and

So we were surprised to see that according to the Viennese
record, the parents' surnames are reversed and that he seems to
have been Pickholz >from his mother. We will go after the Rozdol
birth record, of course - the two documents have the same birth
date - but my guess is that the Viennese record is correct and the
SS-5 is an effort to seem more conventional within US norms
(name comes >from the father).

Meantime, accept even the most reliable of documents with an
open mind.

Israel Pickholtz

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