von EMMERLING & von KEISEWETTER, 1760s-1820s? #germany

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Dear cousins,
Please contact me privately if you have any information regarding the following
and thanks very much for helping me find my ancestors and relatives.
Have a great Pesach & Kul Tov...

Leander von KIESEWETTER (b.1760, Principality of Schwartzburg-Sondershausen;
d.1825?) married Frau von EMMERLING (b.?;d.?, unknown locations) and had at
least one son, Alvin Gustav von KIESEWETTER (b.1800, Principality of
Schwartzburg-Rudolstadt or Sondershausen; d.12/30/1879, Mankato, MN). I am also
looking for the von DORNBERG ancestors of either von EMMERLING or von KEISEWETTER.

Leander was “Keeper of the Treasury” and “Overseer of the Land”… he was the
"oberforester" of the Bavarian Forest and in charge of the treasury, before being
gored by a wild boar. One of his sons, Alvin, became "oberforester" in his place,
after returning home >from graduating >from the University of Heidleburg.

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