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Donna Odland <larose@...>

My situation is different, and I've been puzzling over this: ggrandparents
from Russia (Lithuania) emmigrated to US, had two sons, the oldest was
Solem, the second was Samuel Max. Are these actually the same names? Does
Samuel derive >from Solem? In later life, Solem called himself Sam, and
Samuel went by Max. Any ideas?

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From: Sherri Goldberg <>
In all likelihood, one of those boys died in early childhood and his
brother was named after him in his memory. This has happened in my
family. My great-uncle's eldest children were killed and when he
remarried and had children with his 2nd wife, they named their children
in the memory of my uncle's dead children.
Sherri Goldberg
Thornhill, Ontario, Canada
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