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"Nicky with a middle name like Isidore could your Great-Grandfather
have had Sephardic ancestry as well? "

==Here's the "Sephardi" connection: The name is Greek. It means Gift of
[the Egyprian god] Isis.
==Isidore is a common 19th century name assumed by Ashkenazis in Germanic
countries in Europe. Generally it was used for Isaac or Israel. It became so
much a Jewish name that it became a stock name in jokes, cartoons and stories
for a generic Jew, like Hymie in the USA

" Also do you know whether he was born in Imperial Germany or Austria?
Since OESTERREICHER is really the German name for "Austrian"? "

==When a Jew moved to a new town or country, his Jewish neighbors would
generally tag on their name the town or country of their origin; many eventually
adopted this geographic tag as the family name.

==In Austria, of course, everyone was an Oestreicher, so the name had no
significance and just about the only Jews with that name were people whose
ancestors had moved away >from Austria at some point. You'd find Oestreichers in
Germany, Switzerland, Romania, Belgium . . . but you might have to search hard
to find one in Austria

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