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Alex Korn <apkorn@...>

Christine Olsen wrote:

My Grandfather came to the U.S. >from Liepaja (Libau) in 1903
and his family followed in 1905. They arrived at Ellis Island. Does
anyone know what boats they were likely to have taken?

He belonged to the Kurlander Landsmanshaften in New York. Does anyone
know if the Kurlander or Boyer (Ukraine) Landsmanshaften still exist?

Thank you for any help or pointers. You can reply to

Christine Michelle Olsen
Hi Christine,
Just a word of caution. Libau was the port >from which emigrants >from Lithuania, northeastern Poland, etc.
left eastern Europe for England, N. America, etc. Libau, then, is not necessarily the home town of your
Toronto, Canada

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