Re. LEHMAIER Family in Baiersdorf - name questions #germany

Justin Levy <levyduffy@...>


As our moderator pointed out, spelling was not an exact science.
This was only compounded by the different dialects in the region.
Moreover, the Bavarian registers >from that period were compiled by
the local Lutheran minister to whom these Jewish names were completely alien.

Rike (and variant spellings Rica, Rieke) is a given name (a forename) and occurs
in my family >from Moisling in northern Germany. One of my gggm was Friederike
(with variant spellings), usually recorded as Rieke. Her mother was Rike Heymann,
whose Hebrew name was Reytsche bat Chayim. In this community, Rieke was also used
as a civil name for the Hebrew name Rechel.

During the 19th century – the period of the enlightenment and assimilation
- there was an increasing tendency for our forebearers to adopt more
German-sounding names. Girls who would have been called Rieke based on their
given Hebrew name were instead called Friederike, but nonetheless known as Rieke.

A similar effect can be seen with Michel, a Hebrew name. The German spelling was
Michael. And yes, Tuchfarber was a cloth dyer.

Rgds, Justin Levy, Dublin, IRL (levyduffy@...)

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