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I commend you for what you have done. It got me beyond guilt to action. I
just made out my check as soon as I read your note. Until now I felt unable
to contribute enough to make a meaningful difference. Your letter changed
my mind. If each of us did even that much it will matter. Thank you.

To Carol and Susan and all those wonderful folks who volunteer and work so
hard to keep this going -another big thank you. This group has helped me
reunite a significant number of relatives on both sides of my family.
Several major branches of my father's family tree were "disconnected" a few
generations ago and we are now reconnected with on going dialogue >from
Argentina to the USA to Israel to Canada. Children of survivors on my
mother's side had no idea they had any relatives left until I "found" them.

Meeting these people and putting our stories together has been profoundly
meaningful and gratifying. This, even more than collecting names and
reconstructing family history, is what Jewish Gen has done that I am so
grateful for.

I encourage others, moved by Louise's appeal and, hopefully, other
testimonials such as this, to remember that, like one voice, collectively a
contribution can make a difference.
Linda Rakoff
Newton, MA

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