more information on new Gedenkbuch #germany

Renee Steinig <rsteinig@...>

Yesterday I posted a message here about a JTA ( report that Germany
just published a new, expanded list of its citizens who were killed in the
Holocaust" and wondered if this new publication is the long awaited update
of the Gedenkbuch. It does seem to be.

A press release >from the Deutsche Presse-Agentur, which appears on the web
site of Boston's Combined Jewish Philanthropies

contains additional information on the four-volume book, which was compiled
by Germany's Federal Archives and introduced at a ceremony at Berlin's New
Synagogue on Monday.

The article also mentions that a computer database of Jews in Germany, based
on a 1939 census, can be consulted at the New Synagogue, and that the
Archives is working to compile list of all Jews living in Germany 1933-1945.

I have no information beyond what's in the article online. Renee

Renee Stern Steinig Dix Hills, New York, USA rsteinig@...

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