Error in George Arnstein's German Genealogical Resources. #germany

Joseph Fibel <jfibel@...>

Dear Sig,
There is a very serious error in the above file which I have seen before
but somehow neglected to bring up.

The file describes the Central Archives for the History of the Jewish
People (CAHJP) and indicates that this is abbreviated as Yad VaShem. I
think that if Hadassah Assouline had seen this she would have had an
absolute fit. Hadassah has been serving the CAHJP and all of Jewish
Genealogy for a great many years and is in herself an important Jewish
Resource. As any knows who has utilized the records of both
organizations, they are completely separate and even have a different

Of course, Yad VaSHem is directed to document the Holocaust including the
years growing up to it and the subsequent years, as well, while the CAHJP
has been collecting community records of Jewish Life throughout the world
>from long before YadVaShem was founded.

I certainly hope that someone with the authority to do so makes the
necessary correction.

Joe Fibel New Rochelle, NY

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