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A hand written itinerary of the route my family traveled >from Ekaterinopol
(Katerinopol) to the ship in Libau, Latvia in 1923 was recently discovered
by a relative in a desk drawer. It was written in Russian which I had
translated. Maybe it will help some others and then I have some questions.

2 June Departed Ekaterinopol
5 June Arrived Kiev
11 June Departed Kiev
13 June Arrived Moscow
20 June Departed Moscow
21 June Arrived Rezekne
22 June Arrived Riga (This is where they obtained their passport)
25 June Departed Riga
26 June Arrived Libau
16 July Departed on ship for Canada

Why follow this route instead of going to Odessa to sail? What would have
been the mode of transportation? It appears by the dates that some of it
had to be by train. Was there a place for Jewish Emigrants to stay while
waiting for the ship in Libau?

Any insight would be greatly appreciated.


Norm Katz
Norfolk, VA

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