Sources for D-36115 Wüstensachsen #germany

P. S. Wyant <p.wyant@...>

In addition to the usual Hessen archive sources, here are a couple of
other sources for D-36115 Wüstensachsen:

1. Arnsberg, Die Jüdischen Gemeinden in Hessen, (Societäts-Verlag,
1971), Vol. 2, pp. 441-442, gives a capsule history of the Jewish
community in this village. In German. The only WEINBERGER mentioned is
Sally (n.d.), who d. in WW!;

2. Eisenbach, et al., Bibliographie zur Geschichte der Juden in Hessen
(Kommission für ..., 1992), p. 65, refers to Berge, "Zur Pogramnacht in
Wüstensachsen", in Buchenblätter 62 (1989), p. 26;

3. Bauch, et al., Quellen zu Widerstand und Verfolgung unter der
NS-Diktatur in hessischen Archiven (Historische Kommission für Nassau,
1995), p. 95, refers to "Gefangenakten, 1945-1951, zum Teil bis 1933
zurückreichend" in Staatsarchiv Marburg (Acc. #1987/47) and this
includes a reference to Wüstensachsen;

4. Spector, ed., The Encyclopedia of Jewish Life Before and During the
Holocaust (Yad Vashem, 2001), Vol. III, p. 1,468, has a very short piece
on Wüstensachsen ... it appears to ba an abbreviated version of the
Arnsberg piece. It does say that this village is now part of D-36115

I'd be inclined first to contact both the local Standesamt and the
Hessisches Staatsarchiv Wiesbaden to see what these two sources have. Regards,

Peter Wyant Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada <> wrote:
My cousin's father's family were >from Wuestensachsen in the area of
Fulda in Hesse-Nassau. Does anyone know any sources of information for people who
lived in this village eg the relevant town/state archive and Jewish marriage/
birth/cemetery lists? The family name was WEINBERGER

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