Re: Laws Mandating Fixed Surnames #germany


Roger Lustig wrote:
"The southern portion of West Prussia, i.e., the area around Thorn, was
not included in the published West Prussian list. A separate
name-adoption list appeared in 1845, of which I've only seen the typed
transcription at the Leo Baeck Institute. The title of this list
suggests that name-adoption itself only happened then (_Nachweisung des
Regierungs-Bezirks Marienwerder von denjenigen Juden, welche nach der
Allerhoechsten Kabinetts-Ordre vom 31sten October 1845 erbliche
Familien-Namen angenommen haben_), but I'm not sure that was generally
the case there. Again, further information is welcome." ========>

I have a copy of a 2005 letter >from Stadt Altena, Westphalia, containing an
extract of an 1846 entry in its Familiennamen der Juden register for the
surname FALCK.. Extracts >from other town records show the surname, either in
that form or as VALCK, had been in use by the two preceding generations of the
family, as early as 1765.

There is no indication that there were any name assumption records earlier
than the register cited.

Donn Devine Wilmington, Delaware, USA

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