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"A list very similar to this list was published
in Avotaynu, Vol. XII, No. 2 (Summer, 1996), p.
34, by George ARNSTEIN, titled "Mandated Family
Names in Central Europe". If George is a
subscriber to this list,perhaps he can shed some
further light on its origin."

REPLY: Yes, I subscribe to this list. The origin
is not Kessler (who is very good on names) but
Erwin Manuel Dreifuss who wrote his dissertation
at Heidelberg U, then published in 1927 by
J.Kauffmann Verlag, Frankfurt/M.

The title is "Family Names of Jews, with special
focus on Baden in the early 19th c."

Heidelberg, of course is in Baden, today
Baden-Wuerttemberg. -- My generous but less than
complete translation was in "Stammbaum" Issue
16.Jan 2000. It included the list of name
adoptions in other jurisdictions.

Somewhat immodestly I also cite my "Names, An
Essay on Origins" in "Stammbaum" Issue 17, June 2000.

George Arnstein in Washington, DC <>

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