Seeking BAUMANN family from Adelsberg #germany

Elizabeth Levy <levyliz@...>

Dear Friends,

I need your help.

Babette KISSINGER (b: 1858) and her husband, Loeb BAUMANN had two sons:
Hermann and Gustav.

You were very helpful in continuing the search for Hermann who moved on to
Ecuador. While we still haven't found him and his family, the Gersig
"family" provided me with many helpful clues for my search. Now I just have
to find the time to follow-up!

Meanwhile, we have not found anything about his brother, Gustav BAUMANN,
born July 27, 1890 in Adelsberg. The local historian in Adelsberg has
searched local records but found no trace of him aside >from his birth
record. He is also not listed in the Memorial Book of Bavarian Holocaust
victims nor on the area deportation lists.

Does anyone have any ideas of where we might continue our search?

Thanks in advance and Chag Sameach!

Elizabeth Levy Mevassaret Zion, Israel

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