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Sherri Goldberg <gracieclover@...>

Hi everyone. I'd like to thank everyone who helped me out with the
information regarding where to obtain Polish birth certificates. I'd
also like to comment on the replies I've received.

To everyone who assumed my grandfather was deceased, senile or unaware
of his birthday: he is very much alive, lucid & definitely knows when he
was born okay? My Zaida lied when he came to Canada (& he was in his
late 30's at the time - he was _not_ a child) because there was an age
limit to come here to live at the time. Please everyone, don't presume
& assume you know something about certain people's situations when you
clearly don't. All I asked for was if it was possible to obtain a
living man's birth certificate >from Poland & how much it would cost.
For all those who answered me I thank you.

Sherri Goldberg :)
Thornhill, Ontario, Canada
email: OR

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