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Ricki L. Zunk <rickiz@...>

I just learned of the whereabouts of the burial of my mgf's first
cousin. According to the cemetery records, Morris KRAMER (Ha'Levi)
died 11/20/1978 but he was not buried until 12/2/1978. I can
understand a 2-5 day delay between death and burial (need time to get
relatives together; not allowed to hold funeral due to Shabbat or
"special" Jewish days), but a 13 day span of days seems very unusual.
Since I just learned of these dates today, I have not had the
opportunity to obtain a death certificate, which would not necessarily
give me the reason for the delay.

Does anyone know of any reason that there would be an almost two week
delay between death and burial for a man whose only living family
lived within 60 miles of his place of death? I am not aware of any
logical or religious reason for such a delay. Do you?

Looking forward to hearing your suggestions. BTW, his death was not
of "suspicious" nature (that I know to be true).

Thank you,
(Mrs.) Ricki Randall Zunk
Miami, FL

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