LAZARUS in Appenheim and Nieder-Olm #germany

Richard Welch <rwelch@...>

Thanks to some very generous help >from Hanna Goldmann >from near Köln, we
have a possible connection between Hyman LAZARUS who settled in Ohio in 1818
and his early life in Germany. Can anyone confirm or add to any of the
following information that might prove or disprove the connection?

There was a Hermann LAZARUS in Appenheim who was listed as a fruit dealer in
1807. I was told that Hermann MIGHT be a (non-Jewish) German form of the
name Hyman. Can anyone confirm that?

There is a Hayum LAZARUS listed in a Nieder-Olm document, now in the State
Archives in Darmstadt, with the year 1779 following his name. Possibly a
birth record? Both of these villages are very near to Mainz in

Could these individuals be Hyman LAZARUS, born ca. 1776-1780 in Germany who
immigrated to the United States on the ship "John Watson", landing at
Philadelphia >from Liverpool on November 29, 1816? His name is listed on the
Baggage List as Hayman LAZARUS. Did Hyman have relatives in England who might have
put him up while he was earning money for his passage to North America?

Hyman LAZARUS was financed by Jewish merchants in Philadelphia upon his
arrival in North America and he sold goods as a foot peddler for about 1 1/2
years until he settled in Malta, Morgan County, Ohio where he opened a small
store (the county history mentions that he sold fruit -- a possible
connection to Hermann LAZARUS who sold fruit in Appenheim in 1807?).

Hyman and his wife also operated a saloon in later years -- a very
interesting establishment in a tough river town, but by 1850 he had sold the
store/saloon and in the census that year he said he was a tailor. Hyman said
in the 1850 census that he was born in Germany and the county history in the
1880s ridicules his German-Jewish accent, but right now those are the only
confirmations I have that he was >from Germany. Hyman died in Malta, Ohio in
February of 1851. There was no obituary in the local newspaper and I have
never been able to find his burial place during more than forty years of
searching. He married Frances Permelia Secord and I am descended >from their
first daughter, Caroline (1826-1899).

There are other descendants of Caroline who have joined in this search and
we all will welcome any help or suggestions that might help in this quest.

Richard Welch rwelch@... Farmington, New Mexico

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