Re: Fruchthaendler ohne Niederlage. #germany

Ilan Szekely <tcdb@...>

A quick Internet search gave the following.

English-German dictionary English-German translation for: Niederlage

Dictionary English German: Niederlage
defeat, defeature, depot, discomfiture, entrepot

I assume that the appropriate translation in this context is "depot"
or "entrepot" which are related to commerce.

Ilan Szekely, Jerusalem,

" am looking through documents of the former Jewish community of
Appenheim [here give the location by nearest market town, county, =20
province etc,
as of 1807, or of today] and find a listing "Fruchthaendler ohne =20
Clearly, the last word has no reference to defeat; could it mean =20
ownership" in a local (or Jewish) dialect of German? "

=3D=3DPlease share with us whatever response you get.

Michael Bernet, New York

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