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Christine Olsen <colsen1@...>


Could someone help me with a basic question - I'm getting lost with all
the forms and variations.
I'm looking for the Naturalization Records of my Grandfather, Salle
GREENSPAN, born 1885, Liepaja, Latvia, died 1970. These were filed in
either NY, NY or Brooklyn, NY, but I don't know the date. I do have his
SSN and Marriage Certificate.

Does anyone know how I'd go about this? I have form 639 >from the INS
website but I'm not sure if this is the right form. I also don't know
if I should send it to the INS NYC District Office or somewhere else. I
also wonder if this is impossible since I don't know the date the
Declaration of Intent was filed. Any help or pointers would be much

Please reply directly to:

Thank you very much for your help on this.

Best Regards,

Christine Olsen

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