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I normally do not post replies to individual requests for help and prefer to
reply direct to the inquirer. However, the request for information on Sally
KADEN, believed to have died in Auschwitz, provides an opportunity to share
more general information.

Sally KADEN, born 1904 in Hannover, probably did not die in Auschwitz and maybe
even survived the Holocaust. Records at the USHMM show that he arrived in
Buchenwald in 1945 (date not given) and was given prisoner #119278.
He was probably one of thousands of Jews who were sent on >from Auschwitz to
Buchenwald, Dachau and other camps in 1945.

Records for some of these camps e.g. Dachau, are available on the web, while
some other camps do not permit material to appear on the web. A project is
currently underway by Jewishgen volunteers to computerize names >from these
transports. The first of these lists have already been sent to Jewishgen
but the process is slow due to the poor legibility of much of the material.
Moral of this story--do not assume that because someone was sent to
Auschwitz that he/she died there

Sally KADEN's fate in Buchenwald is unclear but the absence of his name >from
the Gedenkbuch and no death date in Buchenwald records may indicate that he
survived the camp though he could well have perished in the forced marches which
ensued. A further inquiry to the Buchenwald Gedenkstaette would be useful.

Peter Lande, Washington DC <>

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