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Christopher Massur <cmassur@...>

Dear Tamar and genners,
I would like to use this example to give my thoughts on translations on
viewmate. Many times I have translated postings.

I find it unrewarding to \ranslate a pc written letter without knowing how many
other people have taken the trouble to do so. Old German script is much more a
challenge. It would be perhaps a help to add to the thumbnails at least the
information how many people have opened the posting and looked at it.

If there have been 30 interested, one or two might have taken the trouble already
to translate.

If none looked at it, probably no answer yet. Lately, I get around to asking
the poster first before I translate. Some are not truthful and like as many
answers as possible. Longer originals take time. Another thing: if I see an
AOL adress, I will not volunteer, because all unknown adresses are filtered
out and the sender nor adressee might be aware of this.

By the way, Tamar, they are letting you know that their workload is heavy,
and your question might take quite some time to be answered. And that
certain documents cannot be looked at because they have been affected by
mildew. Kind regards,

Christopher Massur, CuraƧao <>

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