Sorry, FROHWEIN not FROELICH #germany


In a message dated 7/11/2006 12:29:57 A.M. Eastern Standard Time, I wrote
In 1945, I had a classmate at the Hasmonean Grammar School in
London, named Eric[h] Froehlich. They were, as I recall, >from the
Frankfurt area. His father was a kosher butcher who served the German
Orthodox community in Golders Green, London.

==Sorry, I recognized my error only after it got reflected back to me by
Gersig. Erich's surname was Frohwein (his classmates made a rather unkosher but
inevitable mess of his name). I wrongly joined the last syllable of his personal
name with the first syllable of his family name. My apology if I've misled anyone.
==61 years later, a senior moment is . . . sorry, can't think of the word.

Michael Bernet, New York

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