Seeking Zofi KUKLA from Austria-Hungry to USA in 1883 #germany

tina ramsey

Hello good people,
I am looking for my great grandmother's family tree. Her name was Zofi
KUKLA and was born on the 18th of july 1874. She was >from Austria-Hungry
and she immigrated to the United States in the year of 1883, she was 10 yrs
of age. Her family settled in Luzerne, Pennsylvania and she married Joh
BARTEK on the 2nd of August 1890. I would like any help >from anyone that
could put me in the right direction in obtaining any information about her
especially where she came >from in Germany. Thank you all so much

Marie Charles Ipwich, England <>

MODERATOR NOTE: Austria-Hungary was the name of an Empire that existed in Europe
to the east of Germany prior to World War I. There is a Special Interest Group
(SIG) dedicated to the genealogy of Jewish families >from that area. Our SIG
(GerSIG) is focused on Jewish families >from present day or historic Germany.
Your question would be more appropriate for the Austria - Hungary SIG list. MOD1

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