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Howard Margol

Exciting news >from Howard Margol, President, IAJGS:

The response to our Call for Papers (deadline December 31, 1999),
has been outstanding. Sallyann Amdur Sack, conference co-chair for
programming, received many more proposals than we can use. She and her
committee will be busy making final selections in the next several
weeks. Already known, however, are the following outstanding
speakers >from the LDS Family History Library.

David E. Rencher, Director of Library Services, will deliver the
keynote speech at the opening session of the conference on Sunday
night. As head of the Family History Library and overseer of all the
Family History Centers throughout the world, he will offer us insight
into innovations we can expect >from the library system in the new
millennium. Mr. Rencher also is president of the Federation of
Genealogical Societies, the umbrella group of genealogical societies
in the United States.

Wayne Metcalf, Director of Acquisition and Field Service Division, will
give a lecture surveying the current state of Jewish record acquisition
and also will describe the process of deciding how, where, and what to

Tom Edlund, Senior Librarian for Slavic Bibliography, will discuss the
1897 All-Empire Russian Census, samples of which have been microfilmed.
In addition, he will conduct workshop classes on how to read/understand
microfilmed Russian vital records and documents, Polish vital records,
and German vital records located in the Family History Library.

Daniel Schlyter, Collection Development Specialist whose focus includes
Central and Eastern Europe, has been a regular speaker at Jewish
genealogical conferences for several years. He will conduct a class on
reading Hungarian vital statistics records (Dan doesn't even read
Hungarian!). In addition, he will give a talk about the how and where
Jewish vital records were kept in the Austro-Hungarian Empire, key to
knowing where to look for ancestral records >from this area.

Kahlile Mehr, Collection Development Specialist for the countries of
the Former Soviet Union, has written often for AVOTAYNU. He is the
person who surveys what the Library has for the countries that comprise
the territory that was the USSR, finds out what is available and makes
recommendations for what should be microfilmed. He will talk about this
process with respect to Jewish records.

Jayare Roberts, a Senior Consultant for the Family History Department,
has been closely associated with the project to computerize the Ellis
Island passenger arrival records. He will report on the state of that
project and also the state of the FHL project to microfilm vital
records all over the United States.

Judith Eccles Wight, A.G., an accredited genealogist specializing in
Ireland, Scotland and Australian research, has been a professional
genealogist for more than 30 years, has worked as a FHL British
Reference Consultant since 1990, and was leader of the team that
wrote the Family History Library Jewish Research Outline. She will
speak on "A Generic Approach to Tracing Jews in the British Reference
Area" (which includes Australia and New Zealand as well as the
countries of the United Kingdom).

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