Standesaemter and Birth Certificates #germany

Fritz Neubauer

Lars Menk wrote:
Paragraph 61, sub-paragraph 1 of the German Personenstandsgesetz (law of
vital status) >from 08 Aug 1957 says that "the inspecting and examining of
registers of vital statistics and granting of vital status documents may
only be claimed by the authorities in the context of their responsibility
and by persons to which the record refers as well as by their husbands, ancestors
and descendants. Authorities have to indicate the purpose. Other persons only have
a right to inspect and examine the registers of vital statistics and to be granted
vital status documents when they make a legal interest credible."

My comment:
It is true that a legally valid birth certificate can only iussed to
descendants, but sometimes one can negotiate with the Standesamt clerks
for some kind of copy that does not have the official stamp on it and
from a legal perspective is therefore not valid as an official birth
certificate. I wonder how one can call this, "inoffizielle Kopie"
(inofficial copy) or something like that. I think I once got one this way ...
perhaps that helps

Fritz Neubauer, North Germany <>

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