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Jane Reifer <cluttercontrol@...>

Good point! Let's all try and use the JGFF more; after all, it's there
to serve us in precisely the manner that will provide the most results.
A lot can be gleaned >from contacting previous researchers, and, while
you're at it, don't forget to add your own name to the list. I can't
tell you how many valuable connections I've made that way.

Of course, it's understandable that people would want to post their
queries to this group, (and I understand that some people reach this
site >from outside of JewishGen) but we're all missing out if people
don't ALSO connect with the JGFF.

Regarding FTJP, there are two philosophies: wait till you have all
correct information before posting to ensure as much accuracy as
possible, or post as soon as you can, to allow people to start making
connections sooner, even though some will turn out to be in error. I've
come to agree with the second philosophy. If I had waited to get
everything correct, I _still_ wouldn't have anything posted. Every few
months I re-post to correct known mistakes. In line with Shirley
Pencer's concerns, though, I wonder if it's possible to more clearly
state, maybe on the actual results page, that the FTJP is a working,
in-progress, _unverified_ database. Anyone who believes that they are
looking at factual information is certain to be disappointed. I believe
there is no avoiding the occasional disappointments, if we are to get as
much information disseminated as possible. Of course, I completely agree
with Shirley's appeal to posters to at least TRY to have good

By the way, one inconsistency I notice over and over again on the FTJP
is people listing their female relatives by their married names. The
general rule is to list women by their birth (maiden) names. This causes
a huge amount of confusion, so I guess you just have to expect it, and
allow for it...

Jane Ehrlich Reifer
Fullerton, California, USA

Researching: REIFER (Banilov, Davidovka, Monastyriska, Roshch,
Vizhnitsa, Storozhinets, Chernivtsi [all in Ukraine], Israel, USA);
REISCH (Revna & Chernivtsi, Ukraine); ROESSLER / RESSLER (Chernivtsi &
Zhadova, Ukraine, USA); HOROWITZ (Horodenka, Zhadova & Chernivtsi [all
in Ukraine], USA); SPASSER (Panka & Storozhinets, Ukraine); HERZ,
DAVIDSON, SCHOEN (Hungary, USA); EHRLICH (Hungary, Vienna Austria, USA)

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