INTRO - Seeking GUGENHEIM #germany

Jean-Michel Filori <jeanmichel.filori@...>

Hello Gersig!
I have just joined the group looking for help in my research on my GUGENHEIM
My mother tongue is French but I also have an average command of German and
English. As far as genealogy is concerned , although I am not exactly a
beginner, I certainly lack experience in using the resources offered by
Internet in this domain. Lastly, I am familiar with the basics of computer
work without pretending to a high level of sophistication in my daily use of
this tool.

The GUGENHEIM branch I am connected with through my maternal grand-mother,
Marie-Jeanne GUGENHEIM (1881-1967), was originally established in
Zweibrücken (Rheinland-Pfalz) where my great-great-grandfather Isaac G.was
born in 1821. Isaac later emigrated to Algeria, then a French possession,
where he married in 1850 a miss Rachel Marx born in Schlestad(now Selestat,
Alsace) in 1831.

I am keen to learn more about the Jewish presence in Zweibrücken at the
beginning of the XIXth century and on possible connections between the local
GUGENHEIMS and other bearers of the name in Alsace. It is only recently that
I've become aware of a German, or more exactly Bavarian (Zweibrücken having
been taken over by the Kingdom of Bavaria after the Napoleonic wars) origin
of my Jewish ancestors. According to the family oral tradition, the
GUGENHEIMS came >from Alsace and had opted for the French citizenship in 1872
after the 1870 war between France and Prussia

I should be more than grateful >from any assistance >from the group on the
above matters.

Jean-Michel Filori, Tervuren, Belgium <>

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