See you at the conference #germany


I'll be at the conference in New York this Monday. You'll recognize me by my
wheelchair and by my Sheila who'll be pushing me (don't look for my beard;
it's gone, but I still have the hair on my head). I'll stay until evening if I
can, but will probably not return for the subsequent days. I won't be
allowed to go to Salt Lake City next year (air's too rare), so this may be
my last conference.

I'll be at the German Sig luncheon on Monday, where, I understand, I have a
small walk-on part (sitting down) and then I have a little table right outside,
where I will sign copies of my latest book for those who want to read it.
If nothing more exciting takes me away, and the table doesn't get pulled
away, I may just settle in there and say hello to old friends.

See you Monday; lehitraot and Servus.

Michael Bernet, New York

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