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Ally Burdett <allyburdett@...>

Hi all,

I'm looking for more information on the German Jewish side of my
family; in particular ancestors and descendants. It would be great to
hear >from anyone who thinks they may be related to me.

Samuel Sigmund BUCHHOLZ was born in 1885. He served in the
Prussian army in WW1. He was a metallurgist, as far as I know,
and may well have taught at a university in Berlin.

Anna Maria JOHANNA was born in or around 1898. I don't know
her last name. She was married to Samuel BUCHHOLZ.

They had one child: Peter Fritz Julius BUCHHOLZ. He was born
in 1924. He later changed his name to Peter BRADY.

The family lived in Berlin and came to London, England in the 1930s.

Thank you.

Ally Burdett, London, England <allyburdett@...>

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