Re: PERITZ family from Breslau #germany

Roger Lustig <trovato@...>

Rich: [ and all ]
First, please register your interests at the JewishGen Family Finder:

This is the most powerful tool in Jewish genealogy.
(Anyone who disagrees may sign up for a duel of laptops at 20 paces.
Line forms to the left.)

Once you're registered, you can see who else is interested in the same families.
[They may already have a lot of information collected that they will share
with you.]

A quick search indicates at least one researcher working on PERITZ in Breslau--and
one looking for PERITZ in Wielun. (Hmmm...)

Breslau had one of the biggest Jewish communities in Prussia, later one
of the biggest in Germany. There's much written about it, and much was
written there--it was a center of Jewish scholarship, including historiography.

You mention Ellis Island. Indeed, there are no records >from before a
certain date; but Ellis Island itself only opened as an immigration
center fairly late. Before then the entry point was Castle Garden, on
the Battery at the south end of Manhattan. I believe there are Castle Garden
records on-line--perhaps at one of the fee-based genealogy sites. Good luck!

Roger Lustig Princeton, NJ <>
researching Silesia (mainly Upper)

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