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Dr. Joseph M. Schwarcz <idayosef@...>

For people interested in Jewish farmers in New Jersey I should like to
recommend Gertrude Dubrovsky's " The land was theirs." She also has a
Farmingdale project and some excellent videos dealing with this subject.
George Seldes in his memoirs, writes about his father as one of the
founders of Alliance, New Jersey. Alliance was named for the Alliance
Israelite Generale, Kol Yisrael Haverim.
Ida Selavan Schwarcz
Arad, Israel
Lili1121@... wrote:

I remember in the 1930's going down to Toms River, NJ (another town to
check out) to visit "landsleit" of my parents (Belaya Tserkov, Ukraine).
They had a chicken farm there. There were many Jewish chicken & egg farms
in Toms River.
These were not communal farms. Further, when we had a place in the
Berkshires in Western Mass, the town of Otis and villages within, had in
the 1920's through WW2 a number of Baron deHirsch financed chicken farms.
One remains on Route 8 - quite large. There was a shul in Sandisfield
with a chicken farmer congregation--now a community center.
Murray SHAINIS, Bayside, NY

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