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Lifshitz-Krams Anne

The last issue of the Revue du Cercle de Genealogie Juive (n°60 winter 1999)
includes some documents that can be helpfull for Jewishgenners who have
ancestors in France :
1- The Jews and the Plague in Metz (France) in 1636: Metz in 1636 is doubly
plagued: The stronghold is besieged by the 30-Year War troops and the plague
kills the population. Pascal Faustini has discovered an unknown document in
the Town Archives, registering 4430 deaths between January 17 and December
31, 1636, as well as 1350 house closed because of the pandemic. The author
has extracted the 75 Jewish death and 19 Jewish houses and publishes the
detailed entries in their original spelling. Comments drawn >from the Metz
Memorbuch and >from reliable historians complements the list.
In the same issue : Family records in Algeria : Jewish mariages in
Constantine were recorded for the first time the year 1836. Fernand deray
and his colleagues present the detailed informations (names and surnames,
age, occupation for the married but also for theis parents, grand parents
and wittnesses). The CGJ will keep on providing these informations.

Note also that our library, thanks to some of our members received several
new documents : photocopies of 1808 lists (Balbronn, Bassemberg, Birkenwald,
Boesenbiesen, Bueswiller, Drauendorf, Haegen, Harkirchen, Krautergersheim,
Niedersheim, Niedernai, Obernai, all in Bas-Rhin), ref. F128; Jewish
families in Rouhling in 1808, ref. C940; Tombstones in Delme old cemetery
(1793-1871) ref. C932; Cemetery of Besancon (Doubs), ref. F130; Burial
register of Bischwiller (Bas-Rhin) in hebrew an french, ref F127; Jewish
cemetery of Horbourg, ancient part opened in 1872, ref C941; Jewish cemetery
of Horbourg Wihr, ancient and new part, ref. B240; Civil records for
Denting (Moselle) 1793-1802 and birth before 1793, ref 943.
For more informations concerning these documents or to ask for photocopies
you can contact Basile Ginger BasGinger@....
I also remind you that we recently published the "1784 Census of the Jews of
Alsace", The index to 1784 census" by Dan Leeson, Jewish burials in
Montmartre Cemetery" and "Jewish burials in Pere Lachaise" by Gilles Plaut,
and "Family records of Nimes >from 1793 to the end of the 19th century" by Dr
Lucien Simon.

Anne Lifshitz-Krams
Cercle de Genealogie Juive
Paris, France

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