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Alan Ehrlich

I'd like to draw the attention of gersigers to the recently opened "Jewish
Genealogy in Bavarian Swabia" Web site:

As the name indicates, it serves Jewish genealogists with roots in Bavarian
Swabia, and in particular the cities/towns of Altenstadt, Augsburg,
Binswangen, Buttenwiesen, Ederheim, Fellheim, Fischach, Guenzburg,
Hainsfarth, Harburg, Huerben [u umlaut] -Krumbach, Ichenhausen, Kleinerdlingen,
Kriegshaber-Augsburg, Memmingen, Monchsdeggingen [o umlaut],Nordlingen [o umlaut]
Oettingen, Osterberg, Pfersee-Augsburg, Steinhart, Steppach and Wallerstein.

To date - thanks to data generously transcribed by Rolf Hofmann - a growing
interactive online database of 7179 historical Birth, Marriage, Death and/or
Circumcision records is provided for the locations: Ederheim, Hainsfarth,
Huerben-Krumbach, Kleinerdlingen, Moenchsdeggingen, Steinhart and Wallerstein.

Additionally, work by volunteers is continuing and further records/locations
currently or soon will be transcribed and added to the database.

The site also provides an online forum open all who are researching their Jewish
ancestors in these regions, as well as other useful information and links.

The entire "operation" is volunteer based; and access to everything
(databases, forum, etc.) is free of charge.

Finally, registration is required. Although it may now be possible to
register directly at the site, when I first visited there, online
registration was disabled; and a user name/password had to be requested
from: membership@... Best regards to all,

Alan Ehrlich Geneva, Switzerland <alan.ehrlich@...>

MODERATOR NOTES: Our system does not understand letters in your email that are
not part of the standard USA English computer alphabet. If you include
accent marks such as the "umlaut" your text will probably be garbled when
it is seen by our readers.

It is usual to add the letter "e" after the accented vowel to replace the
accent mark. However, this may make it hard to find the subject word using
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Moderator has changed some of the above town names accordingly.

For best results we ask you to treat important German words including the umlaut
mark this way:

Moenchsdeggingen / Monchsdeggingen [o umlaut]

This will insure that your text is not garbled and also that the word will
be found by anyone searching the archives for either spelling.

You should keep this in mind when searching data bases for names and town names.
If you use an "exact spelling" search, you would not find Moenchsdeggingen
in a search for Monchsdeggingen, and vice versa. In the early days of my own
research I often missed data entries for my Lowenstein [o umlaut] ancestors
because they were alphabetized as Loewenstein. Be careful with printed indexes
also. Especially in German books, you may have to look for both spellings. MOD

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