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David & Deborah Peskin <dx2etc@...>

Is there anyone in Florida who would be able to go to a local library to
look for an obituary for a relative who lived in Pompano Beach until his
death in Fort Lauderdale on 18 September 1987. I'm searching for
descendants of Mark GELLIS, and am hoping that if there was an obituary for
him, it would provide clues for me such as names of children and where they
resided at that time. According to his death certificate, his wife's name
was Julia BERLIN. I am not familiar with the local newspapers in the
Pompano Beach area.

I'd be tremendously appreciative of any help, and would gladly recipricate
if possible. I've always received a wonderful response >from Genners in the
past, and am hopeful that I won't be disappointed.

Deborah Peskin
Longmeadow, MA


GILMAN--Ternopol, Ukraine-->NYC
MILLER--Nemirov, Ukraine-->NYC
TAHLER/THALER--Berezhany, Ukraine-->NYC
TOBIAS--Bucharest, Romania-->NYC

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