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sharon cooper

Hello Leslie
You were asking about resources for finding out about
your grandparents who immigrated to Canada >from Poland
in the early 1930's. I may be able to help. I have a
fair bit of experience doing research in Canada. My
grandparents immigrated to Toronto >from Poland in 1913
and 1920.I now live in Ottawa, where we have the
National Archives of Canada which has lots of things
like ship passenger lists and other useful immigration
Try to get as much info as you can >from your family
first.Ask everyone. Your grandparent's last names of
course.Town they were from. The name of the ship, the
approximate date and port of arrival and/or departure,
example spring of 1920, arrival Quebec city, departure
Glasgow . Which city did they go to when they arrived?
The Archives has ships manifests. Also there are some
indexed immigration records (form 30A)that are in
alphabetical order for the last name. I'm not sure
until what date it goes,but if your relatives are in
those records, they record lots of info like place
they come from,address of closest relative in place of
origin,age, name of ship,date of arrival,profession,
reason for coming to Canada, etc. I found lots of
stuff on my relatives. I think these records were only
kept >from 1919-1924, but I'm not sure. Its all on
microfilm in the Archives.
There's also something called "naturalization records"
which you can order, but you need proof of death, like
a photo of a headstone, or death certificate.I'll have
to get the address for that, also >from the Archvies.
People were naturalized (became citizens of the
The phone number for the National Archives of Canada,
Genealogy section is 613-996-7458. Their address is 395
Wellington St. Ottawa, Ontario K1A 0N3 Canada. They can
certainly give you advice. You can order microfilms as well,
though I'm not sure what happens if you live in the
Even if the ship they were on landed in the states, if
they were headed to Canada, they may be listed.
Let me know if I can help.
PS. In Toronto there is the Ontario Jewish Archives,
which has things like a Jewish City Directory for
Toronto. It also has a Steamship Company registry
where you can find lists of purchases of steamship
tickets, often people buying tickets to bring their
relatives over.I found my grandfather's purchase of a
ticket for my grandmother in 1914.
Hope this helps.
Sincerely,Sharon Cooper, Ottawa, Canada

--- Leslie Dahan <> wrote:
I am just beginning my geneological research. I am
American, but my
g-parents immigrated to Canada >from Poland in the
early 1930s. I think the
best place for me to start my research is by getting
copies of their
Canadian immigration papers, which would hopefully
list their parents'
names, hometowns, or other useful information. Does
anyone know where/how
I can get such information? Also, how can I get the
passenger list for the
ship on which they arrived? I might be able to
track down the name of the
ship. Thanks!
Leslie Abella Dahan
Silver Spring, MD
Sharon Cooperberg-Goodman, Ottawa, Canada
Searching POZNER, POJZNER, POIZNER, (Radom,Ilza,Drilge,Warsaw - Poland,
Toronto - Canada)
MATZ (Radom-Poland;Sevastopol,Ukraine; TAJCHENBLATT (Lipsko,Radom - Poland)
KATZ (Buenos Aires-Argentina) AJZENBERG, EISENBERG (Radom - Poland, Israel)
TENEBAUM (Brest - Belarus) GOODMAN, GUTMAN (Vitebsk - Belarus)

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