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Be very cautious when dealing with name "translations" or equivalents. It
has been said over and over, but can't be said enough.

My name is Martin and always has been. My Hebrew name is Tuvia Melech. There
are five second cousins named for our great-grandmother Toibe Meite. The
three females are Terry, Terri and Theresa. My mother didn't like any name
starting with T, so she went for Martin for the second name Melech. She
still didn't like any names with T for a middle name so she made it Donald,
as D and T are phonetically close, a voiced-voiceless pair of consonants.
Her cousin's son was named Dale, but also Tuvia Melech in Hebrew. So for
five people named for the same ancestor you have Terry, Terri, Theresa,
Martin and Dale.

Toibe Meite's husband was Yossel. Three of her grandchildren were named
George for Yossel.

My grandfather's name was Osher Zavel. In English it was Sam.

Martin Miller in Syracuse, NY

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My husband Martin is named in memory of his grandfather, Maximillian,
whose Hebrew name was Mordechai.

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