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Ury Link <uryl@...>

Paul Fisher wrote:
Is Schmuel Sender a Hebrew/Yiddish name combination like Dov Ber?
In other words, if one document says someone is Sender and another says
Shmuel, are they probably the same person? I searched the archives on
this and couldn't find anything.>>

Dear genners,
Ber is the German word for the Hebrew name Dov (in English: a Bear).

Shemuel is a Hebrew biblical name . Sender is a nickname to the Greek
name Alexander a name that is adopted as a "Shem Kodesh" a holy name
when you are calling to the Tora. So Dov-Ber is the same name , a name
with his nickname and Shemuel and Sender are two separated names.

It can be that it is the same person with the double name Shemuel Sender.
But if you said that in the archives you find on different documents
different names, one time Shemuel and one time Sender and you never find
the double name Shemuel Sender than be careful with you conclusion that
it is the same person.

Best regards

Ury Link

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