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Dr. Joseph M. Schwarcz <idayosef@...>

Dear Debra,
Sorry to rain on your parade. The Sfard part of the landsmanshaft name
means that they prayed with the Nusah Sfard, and were probably hassidim.
Ida Selavan Schwarcz
Arad, Israel

debjkay wrote:

I have found out that my great grandparents were buried in the Sfard
Anashe Polen society section of Mount Judah Cemetery.

I have been told that this name means "Sephardic People of Poland".

Can anyone tell me what this means? Does this mean that they were
descendants of Sphardic (Spanish) Jews >from the expulsion of Spain?
Would Sephardic Jews in 19th Century Poland be able to trace back that

I would be grateful for any information.

In addition, my grandfather was named after his mother's father, which
would, of course, be very traditional if the namesake was dead. Would
this have been different if these individuals considered themselves
Sephardic (I have read that Sephardic naming is different)

Debra Kay
Simi Valley, CA

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