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Leslie Popelka <popelka@...>

My grandfather is reported to have traveled >from Vilnius, Lithuania to
Canada in 1885 to emigrate to the US and the family always though that
he went >from Canada to Boston where he lived for several years.
However, on his naturalization papers it states that he entered the US
in New York, NY. The St. Alban's lists do not go back this far and
"Emigration >from the Russian Empire" lists give only transcontinental
ship lines. My questions are:

1. Any ideas on how he and other immigrants of that time traveled to NY
from Canada?
2. How would I find records of his entry in Canada? (I looked at the
Canadian archive site, but didn't see anything that I thought would be
3. If he took a ship >from a Canadian port to New York, any suggestions
on how to find those records?

Thanks for any help.

Leslie Rodman Popelka
St. Louis, MO

Searching: RODMAN, Louis: Lithuania to Canada to NY to Boston to

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