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My "Jewish" name is also Mindl. (Actually, Mindel) I am named for my
grandmother, who was also Mindl in Poland. In the US she was known as
Minnie. My mother, who had delusions of grandeur in many arenas of her
life, insisted the name was really Minna. No evidence of that.
Grandmother's gravestone reads "Minnie."

I have heard two explanations of the origin of the name Mindl. One: it is
a derivation of Wilhelmina, shortened to Mina, the Yiddish diminutive
morphing into Mindl.

Two: according to Rabbi Gorrs' book on Jewish Personal names: it comes
from the Hebrew name Menucha, the female variation of Menachem. Note the
similarity between Mindl and the Yiddish name often associated with
Menachem: Mendel.

A cousin of mine is also named Mindl for my grandmother -- English name
Mildred. She was the person who informed me that I was mistaken in my
belief that our Hebrew name was Mindl -- that it is Yiddish and that women
were not necessarily provided with Hebrew names in Europe because it was
not expected that they would be called up to the Torah. This was before I
knew about the relationship of the name to Menucha. Cousin Mildred said
that since we didn't have a Hebrew name, we could really choose our own,
perhaps Malka. What did it mean, I asked. Queen I was told. That works
for me! Regards,
Mila Mindl Malka Begun
ORLIK, TALANSKY: Talnoye -- Ukraine
Miedzyrzec Podlaski, Radzyn, Lukow, Deblin -- Poland

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