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Dear Fellow Researchers:

In answer to some questions I have received, here are a couple of
significant points you should be aware of concerning the city of Lodz
Polish State Archives (PSA) births recently added to the JRI-Poland
database. The Lodz PSA indices may be searched by going to this Internet

I. Dates and Akt Numbers of Births in the Lodz PSA file

One point that should always be kept in mind is that the year listed for a
birth, marriage or death is the year the event was registered with the
civil registration office of that town, and may or may not be the actual
year the event took place. You must see the vital record itself to verify
the exact date and year the event took place.

After searching for your family's surname in the JRI-Poland database, you
may come up with resulting births containing consecutive Akt (record)
numbers. In Lodz records earlier in the 19th century, you might correctly
assume that two births with the same surname and consecutive Akt numbers
were those of twins. However, later in the 19th century, a number of
families appear to have registered the births of their children all at
once. Here is an example:

Surname/ Given Name / Year / Birth / Akt Number
KROCHMAL Mania 1898 B 773
KROCHMAL Pinkus 1898 B 774
KROCHMAL Mendel 1898 B 775
KROCHMAL Ginda Rajzel 1898 B 776
KROCHMAL Berek 1898 B 777

You should NOT assume that Mrs. Krochmal gave birth to quintuplets in
1898! However, you could reasonably assume that all five of these
individuals are siblings, and this may be an important clue in your family
research. If you find there are just two consecutive birth Akt numbers
with the same surname, they could be twins, siblings or other. This can
only be verified by viewing the actual vital record.

II. Ordering Vital Records >from the Polish State Archives

If you are interested in ordering a record >from a PSA file, scroll to the
bottom of the JRI-Poland database search results page, where you will find
a link next to "Lodz PSA Births" or "Lodz PSA Marriages." Click on one of
these links and go to the Lodz PSA page. >from there, click on the link to
"special instructions regarding the order form." That will bring you to
this page:

"Jewish Records Indexing - Poland Polish State Archives Data
Special Instructions for ordering documents >from the PSA"

On this page, you can access the order form by clicking on the link to
"order form." Follow the instructions >from there.

I hope this clarifies some of the questions you might have and makes your
research a bit easier.

Shirley Rotbein Flaum
Lodz JRI-Poland / Polish State Archives Project Coordinator
Houston, Texas
E-mail: seflaum@...

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