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1. Is Novo Grudech the same as Novogrudok?
Yes. This is a one-word town name. The Russian form is Navaradak, while the
polish form is Nowogrudok, or Nowegrudek.

2. Was Novogrudok in Grodno or Minsk Guberniya? The 1834 Grodno Gubernia Map
from the Belarus SIG shows it in Grodno. The 1899 Minsk Guberniya Map from
Vsia Russiia shows it in Minsk.
You right again. It was periodically moved >from one Gubernia to another. It
was also moved >from Russian govern to Polish, and back.

3. Is there a Belarus Archive I can write to for further searches?
The result of 2 is that only few records were left. Some of the documents
will be found in archives in Minsk, other in Grodno. The administration
took a lot of documents with them while withdrawing, and destroyed another.

Thanks for your help,
You are welcome.

Marcia Katzel DeVries
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Ofer Cohen

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