Re: KASCHMANN in Roppenhausen - Thank you! #germany


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I just was able to receive some birthdates on ancestors in Grossroppenhausen
from the Hessen Archives in Marburg. I want to thank everyone who helped me
figure out where my KASCHMANN relatives came from. I can not believe how
many records the archive sent me. I was able to get my great grandfather and
all of his siblings, his father and mother and his father and mother. I am
amazed that those records existed >from 1779! Now, does anyone know where I can
find more reading information on the town of Grossroppenhausen and the Jews
that lived there during the 1700-1800s? Thank you again.

Rishy Savin Miami, FL

Researching KASCHMANN, KATTEN, KATZENSTEIN, WERTHEIM >from Grossroppenhausen,
Halsdorf and Hesse Darmstadt

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