JewishGen Discussion Group #JewishGen Re: "Zavanetz, Podolsk, Russsia" #general


In his message of 4-19-00, Jerry Segal asked about the town of "Zvanetz" in
the area of Podolsk.

I could not find anything about the town except that it is also known as
"Zwaniec" and as "Zvantz" or "Zvanitz," or "Shwanetz." It is southeast of
Lvov (L'viv), and, also according to Chester G. Cohen's "Shtetl Finder
Gazetteer," it is close to and south of "Komenitz" (Kamenets) Podolsk.

The 1962 Columbia-Lipppincott Gazetteer is silent about Zvanitz, but it says
that Kamenets Podolsk is bounded by the Dniester and Zbruch Rivers in
Podolia. Perhaps Zvanitz was a "suburb" to Kamenets Podolsk, settled by Jews.

Naomi Fatouros

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