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Many years ago, my mother told me that her grandfather was an architect, who
helped with the building of the Duma. He had five daughters and the family
lived in Moscow and was well treated by the Russians, despite being Jewish.
My mother's grandfathers were Jacob Segar and Tzvi Schwartz. I have no idea
which grandfather she was referring to. I believe the family originated
from Bessarabia. My mother's parents came to England in 1900, while other
relatives might have gone to Argentina. Those who stayed behind perished at
the time of the Revolution.
from research in my local library I have found out that the last Duma was
built in 1892, and was designed by an architect called Chichagov. Maybe my
great-grandfather worked for him?
I s there anyone who can help me with suggestions as to how to find out more
about this? Perhaps there is a similar story in your family. I did once
try sending an email to the Architects Union in Moscow, but received no
response, probably because I wrote in English.

Natalie Lamb
Berkshire, England

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