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Diane Jacobs <kingart@...>

The more documents I gather the more confused
I become. My greatgrandmother >from Vilna, Lithuania
is listed with four different possible maiden names by
three of her sons (she had 8 children in all).

Annie (Chana or Hannah) "Chaise" SINGMAN (SCHUMKAV
on the l888 passenger list with her husband Yehuda "Judel"
)Julius in New York and DC) is given the following names:

MEYERS - Bertram Singman's Social Security Application- 1936
COHEN - Michael Singman's marriage affidavit - l913
GLICK - Maurice Singman's marriage certificate - 1904
ALEXIS - Michael Singman's Social Security Application. 1962

To make this even more confusing, is that my grandfather
had once told us that his name meant Alexander. So before
I dismiss Hannah Alexis as being a first and second name,
I am keeping it as a surname possibility. While my grandfather
had very poor eyesight he had the intelligence to write things
down correctly.

Of course, the first three names are so common that doing a
search is almost an impossibility . Any suggestions, hints
are most welcome.

Diane Jacobs
New York

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