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Arnold Davidson <arnoldbd@...>

I hope this message can be posted and answered quickly. I was asked t
supply the Jewish date for a tombstone inscription for a person born on
Sept 27, 1930. Using the calendar conversion utility on JewishGen, the
date came out to be 5 Tishri 5691. I used a table to convert 5691 to
alphabetic equivalents and came up with tof resh samech lamed. Another
relative said that this equivalence was not generally used and he proposed
tof resh tzadik aleph. The stone inscription has to be provided early next
week. Please, someone tell me how to transcribe 5 Tishri 5691 to Hebrew

Arnold Davidson
Boynton Beach, FL

MODERATOR NOTE: Warren Blatt has written an excellent InfoFile
on how to read Tombstones. It includes a list of number/Hebrew
letter equivalents. You can read it at:

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